Wajeeha Shafaat is an applicant for Subclass 476 Visa through CMS Migration. An inspiration for all female engineers and a dedicated, motivated environmental engineer from UET Lahore discusses her aspirations with the CMS Team at our Lahore office. Wajeeha shares her story of applying for a Subclass 476 Visa and how this Visa is a golden opportunity for fresh engineering graduates of Pakistan.

Let’s start with your introduction.

I’m Wajeeha Shafaat from Lahore and I’ve done my Environmental Engineering from Lahore in session 2016-2020.

What made you an applicant for Subclass 476 Visa?

First of all, I would like to say that my parents always supported me a lot. Basically, they encouraged me to apply for this visa, go abroad, and make my career.

Engineering is a male-dominated field. How was your journey in an engineering university?

Obviously, it is a male-dominated field but we cannot neglect the potential and talent of a girl. Girls are equally talented. I’m from UET and the ratio of girls to boys was 1:2 in my university. I haven’t seen anything in university, which a boy can do and a girl cannot. So, I believe that girls can exceed in any field of life.

How did you come to know about CMS Migration?

It’s a short story that I was a part of. I received a call about the Subclass 476 Visa and they told me that it’s an 18-month work visa on which you can study or work 24-hours a day. First, I neglected it but later I Googled about it and found the CMS website on the first position.

On the website, I saw the success stories of Subclass 476 Visa grants and there I found a student of my university. I contacted him and asked about the whole thing. He told me that Team CMS Migration is very cooperative in every possible manner. He asked me to visit you for complete guidance about Subclass 476 Visa.

How helpful was the team during the application process?

They’re really helpful. Whenever I contacted them for any of my documentation, issue or guidance, I found them very helpful and supportive.

How responsive was CMS Migration during this Covid-19 Crises?

I didn’t contact other migration agencies because I had trust in your agency. But I know, where other agencies take 14-15 months for visa grant, CMS migration can complete the visa grant process in 8 months and even less than that. Unlike others, CMS Migration was really responsive even during the Covid-19 crises.  So, I wish to get a Subclass 476 visa grant through CMS Migration.

How female engineers can secure a promising career by applying for Subclass 476 visa?

I belong to a middle-class family and my parents cannot afford to send me abroad and especially to Australia on a study visa because it costs nearly 25-26 lacs. But I believe that the Subclass 476 Visa is an opportunity for me to learn and earn at the same time and I can also support my parents.

Why Australia is a good place for fresh engineers?

Wherever you go, it is very difficult to for fresh engineers to get their first job. But Australia is an industrialized country and if you can search, you’ll find that in two cities Melbourne and Sydney, there are job opportunities for fresh engineers. They allow us to make our career there.

And it is not necessary that I’m going there because I’m an environmental engineer. Either you’re a civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, geological engineer or any other field. You can go there and build your career.

What will you do after getting a skilled recognize graduate visa?

First of all, I’ll be very thankful to Allah Almighty who made me able to achieve this visa. Secondly, I’ll immediately book my flight to Australia. Even nowadays I’m searching for jobs in Environmental Engineering in Australia and I got 5-6 jobs daily. I’ve seen a lot of jobs related to water treatment plants there in different cities. In the next 5-6 months, I’ll start planning about it.

What are your future plans? Do you want to settle down in Australia?

InshaAllah I’ll get settled in Australia after getting Subclass 476 Visa. A very good thing about this visa is that they have given us an option of spouse. Our spouse can go there with us and he’ll have equal rights of work and get settled there. Because it is very difficult for parents to send a single girl there. So, we can go with spouse and settled there permanently.

Any message for female Pakistani engineering graduates?

For female Pakistani engineers, I would like to say that there is no such field in which we cannot progress like men. So, I’ll encourage them to apply for Subclass 476 visa through CMS Migration team and build their career there.

If you’re an applicant for subclass 476 visa, then CMS Migration is the only Subclass 476 specialized migration agency and it has been an amazing experience to apply for Subclass 476 Visa through them. I hope this visa will help me to excel in my engineering career once I reached Australia InshaAllah.

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