Be the Student Ambassador of CMS Migration

Student Ambassador Programme

Be the Student Ambassador of CMS Migration

CMS Migration Student Ambassadorship Program (SAP) is one of the most encouraging and unique programs by any migration agency for Pakistani engineers. The mandate of this program is to have student ambassadors from final semester of major engineering universities or fresh graduates of Pakistan who can connect with each other and open gates to unexplored opportunities in their fields (especially study and work in Australia).

CMS Migration’s Student Ambassadors may:

Host and organize seminars to bring awareness about Subclass 476 Visa and its benefits

Spread the word about jobs, scholarships and other opportunities for engineers in Australia

Build relationships on campus with faculty and student groups

Be a source of knowledge for your university about CMS Migration and the Subclass 476 Visa process

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Who can be a CMS Migration Student Ambassador?

CMS Migration Student Ambassador, a prized position, is not open for everyone. We select only the best students from across the best engineering Universities in Pakistan.

CMS Migration Student Ambassadors must be:

Currently enrolled or a fresh graduate from an engineering University of Pakistan that is accredited by PEC

Must have referred at least 5 Subclass 476 Visa Applicants to CMS Migration

Be a president of any University club or society

Active on social media platforms such as Facebook University groups and be an admin or moderator of at least one University group with 1000 plus members

Able to plan and organize seminars in University

Must be among the top 20 students of their final semester

Must have good communication and interpersonal skills


What will it offer?

Joining this program empowers you to connect with your fellow CSAs (CMS Student Ambassadors) across Pakistan, get access to the latest from CMS Migration’s information repository related to study and work in Australia. Above all, you can earn handsome amount of money by helping your fellow engineers to migrate to Australia through a Subclass 476 specialized migration agency.



You can get :

50% off on your Subclass 476 Visa Application if you have referred at least 5 candidates and they have applied through CMS for Subclass 476 Visa

Recreational trips and free sponsored excursion visits by CMS Migration

Get 10% commission from every valid referral after successfully referring at least 5 candidates to CMS Migration*

Rs 10,000 cash prize once you qualify for the CMS Migration Student Ambassadorship Program and selected officially.



Referral commission guideline:

  1. We will offer 10% of total amount to you for each new client referred after you have successfully referred 5 clients (minimum and they have applied through CMS Migration as well).
  2. Each referred client must be unique and new to CMS Migration in order to be eligible to receive the commission payment.
  3. In order for the client to be identified as unique or new; you may communicate to CMS Migration his name before he contacts or he may mention your name as his referral.
  4. We will increase the referral fee to 12% if more than 12 clients are referred within 3 months.
  5. The client or CMS Migration student ambassador must not insist on high discount or extra low fee.
  1. To remain eligible to receive referral fee from the after visa payment, you must refer at least one client every three months.


Exclusivity: If you sign up for this program and represent yourself as an ambassador of CMS Migration then you accept to not work with any other migration agency for three years from the date of signing this form. You also waiver your right of starting a business that competes with CMS Migration for the same duration. You also agree that you will not promote, advertise or represent any other service or organization that is against the best interests of CMS Migration for 3 years.

Once you successfully  become a CMS Student Ambassador (CSA) you have to make a short video of yourself – upto 45 seconds (minimum) for promoting and endorsing the Ambassadorship Program
(this is mandatory).
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