Subclass 476 Visa for Australia is a great opportunity for Pakistani Engineers. CMS Migration conducted a live session on Facebook to answer the most pressing questions related to Subclass 476 Visa grants and to assure new applicants that they can still apply for this visa despite all odds. Most people are still uncertain about the processing of Subclass 476 Visa.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Question about Subclass 476 Visa

Q1. Why should You apply through CMS Migration only?

You should apply through CMS Migration only. There is a limited quota each year as to how many Subclass 476 Visas can be granted. There will be tough competition. It is a “no-brainer” that you should choose Subclass 476 specialized migration agency to put through your case or represent your application to ensure that you get a 100% success ratio. The process can seem simple but is a lot of practical knowledge and experience that goes into an application process to ensure that it is processed in the fastest possible time.

CMS has proven it in the last many years. Don’t play with your future. We have sent even full batches of engineering universities to Australia through Subclass 476 Visa. You should not be trusting a new consultant with no experience as they may lead you down to the pathway of failure.

Stating the facts: why you should go with CMS Migration? We have the longest experience. Also, we have process the highest number of applications with an almost 99% success ratio. We also have the fastest possible processing time that no one ever had. Make sure you don’t play with your future while selecting a migration agency just to save a few dollars because this aspect will determine whether you can avail of this opportunity or you miss it. You can visit CMS Migration Lahore Office or CMS Migration Islamabad Office anytime no matter which city, province, or area you belong to. We help applicants from all across Pakistan.

Q2. When will the grants for Subclass 476 Visa start come?

A lot of people are asking this question. If we analyze the Covid19 situation, Pakistan is a rather safe country as compared to many other countries with regards to the spread of Coronavirus.

Australia has announced to open its borders soon and it will also allow Pakistanis to travel to Australia. On the basis of this, we can hopefully expect the grants to come by mid-October 2020 or maximum mid of November 2020.

Q3. What is the future of Subclass 476 Visa? Will it Continue?

There is nothing that will discontinue Subclass 476 Visa. This Visa is being given since 1991. If someone says that it will discontinue ask them about the year from which it started? Visa related matters do not discontinue all of a sudden. There is legislation behind it. The visa will be granted in more volume than before. This one year has reduced manpower in Australia in the field of engineering.

Therefore, the demand for engineers will rise to help the Australia economy recover. The yearly quota for Subclass 476 Visa grants will be double in the upcoming year. Therefore, this visa will have more grants than any year in the past.

Just to give you a little more confidence, if we look at the situation logically, why should Home Affairs give relaxation to Subclass 476 Visa applicants if this Visa has to close (like submitting police character certificate and medical certificate at a lower time). They only mean to facilitate Subclass 476 Visa applicants as engineers are in very high demand in Australia.

Q4. Can IELTS be taken after applying for Subclass 476 Visa?

A piece of very serious news is floating in the market. I want all of you to pay attention. There are certain agents or news sources that are saying that you can take the IELTS Exam later and first apply for Subclass 476 Visa.

This is absolutely and totally fake news. This will lead you to a pathway of failure and destruction. I guarantee you that on a live session in public. The actual scenario is that you need to take a test for English Proficiency either at least a day before lodging your application or up to 3 years before the date of application to build a valid case to be eligible for applying.

If you have trusted on any such news or planning to take IELTS/PTE after applying for Subclass 476 then you are just wasting time and money while making your application invalid from the beginning. You can use this money for a better cause instead of wasting it.

Don’t waste time and money (take IELTS/TOEFL/PTE) at least take the English language proficiency test one day before the lodgment of the application. This is absolutely mandatory!

Q5. Should candidate take PTE Exam instead of IELTS? Is there any bad impression on a candidate’s visa application when applying for Subclass 476 visa with a PTE.?

No, No, nothing at all. Actually, Australian Government Home Affair Body has given a list of recognized English Language Tests that you can take. So, there is no difference whatever test you take. PTE is actually my favorite one. In my personal opinion, you should take PTE.

The reason is that the result of this test is announced earlier than other tests and it is also easier than all other tests. So, you should go for it. And if there will be any impact of the test on your visa, then it’ll be surely positive. As you’ll get good grades in it.

Otherwise, either you take IELTS, TOEFL or PTE, there will be no impact on your visa as long as you fulfill the requirement or criteria for the visa.

Q6. What are the opportunities for Pakistani engineers to get field related job?

I know people who have landed in Australia and got a field job in three weeks. I also know people who were not able to get it for some reason you know.

It happens everywhere in the world. Basically, as long as you have job readiness, prepared your resume in a professional way, you keep applying for the opportunities. You actively follow up and reply to the queries, and you are preferred for a good interview, I think Australia has a very high demand for engineers of all engineering disciplines.

So, you don’t need to be confused and I can assure you that you’ll get a good job if you try your best. And even if not, there are a lot of opportunities for you to explore, to earn and to gain experience in Australia.

Q7. During these 18 months, should one not go for student visa but for PR?

It really depends on your performance. What many people do is they use these 18 months to get experience, exposure, and vision in Australia, and then they also do savings to be able to finance their Masters. But some people want to try and apply for PR. So, there are good options for it. You should be going for a professional year. There’s a 491 visa. Specially, when you’re present inside Australia then you can apply and fulfil criteria for different states.

Like according to recently announced critical list of Canberra sate. You must be a resident of Canberaa for at least three months, and you must have a field job there. And if your occupation is on that list; you can probably get the 491 sponsorship from the Australian Capital Territory ACT state. Similarly, every state has its own requirements. You should learn about them if you’re only opting for or focusing on PR. And try to fulfill them.

And additionally, to strengthen your points, you can also do a professional year. I think it’s very well recommended that you do a professional year. You can do certain other “NAATI” and things like that to increase your points. You should go for IELTS at least 7As not 8As.

And these all things together (I assure you) will ensure that you have a PR at the end of your journey.

Q8. Can an engineering major that is not enlisted such as a computer engineer?

We’ve already gotten many visas as such. We’ve gotten aviation, aerospace engineer something like that exactly. Grant is posted on our page; you can see it. And we have already done a grant for computer engineers. There is other engineering discipline probably not on top of my mind right now. And we’ve got an approved visa for all of them.

So, the list is an example. So as long as your discipline is directly as engineering discipline and its well accredited with PEC, then you have a good chance. After that, you can contact us, we’ll do assessments for you and will advise you with the best of our knowledge about what’s possible for you.

CMS Migration is your best choice of brand in Visa applications to Australia. We adopt a comprehensive and efficient service approach that delivers peace of mind to our clients. We would personalize and tailor our service to your need. Migration matters involve an understanding of an individual’s qualifications to navigate the application process to success. Upon receiving your personal details, we will provide advice and launch your application immediately. At CMS Migration, we have a team of passionate consultants to follow up the process closely without delays.


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